My name is Lorena. I'm 19 years old and I'm a second year in college and I"m majoring in Communication Science and Disorders. I'm just really an easily excited girl who loves too many things. Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XIII, Free!, Merlin, the Beatles, and A Separate Peace are just a few of the things I love. Feel free to message me anytime! :)

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    there are skippable cutscenes in KH1 and you can have the camera on either automatic (which follows sora) or the KH2...
  2. sora1915 said: Agreed :P Especially the cutscene thing, so many of those cutscenes are forever ingrained in my brain because of how many times I had to rewatch them. Granted I am much better now and last time I play through KH1 I died about 4 times :P
  3. goddessofanubis said: OMG! SKIPABLE CUTSCENES IN KH1~ -faints-
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